NHU Brittany

✅ The European Union’s inaction toward Catalonia leaves minorities unprotected

The European Union’s inaction … When we look at Stateless Nations in Europe, we observe a strong change due to the Catalan referendum. Many peoples of Europe look at the

✅ The breton flag emoji for Brittany : Unicode says no ! Why?

Unicode postpones arrival of breton flag EmojiBZH on our smartphones: Discrimination? The incomprehensible bad news has just been published: Unicode consortium has just refused the emoticon « Gwenn Ha Du

✅ Croke Park and the Bloody Sunday in Dublin

Croke Park in Dublin. The graphic novel Croke Park which I created with the cartoonist Richard Guérineau came out on September 30 and was published by the Delcourt publishing house

✅ Kan Ar Mor : a fantasy film about the Town of Ys !

In Brittany, the Town of Ys. Telling the story of the Town of Ys, King Gradlon and Princess Dahut in a fantasy feature-film in Welsh and in Breton? That is

✅ Celtic languages in Europe: three Gaelic languages and … 1/2

The Celtic languages which are spoken in Europe. Celtic languages are some of the oldest languages spoken in Europe. They are a branch of the Indo-European language family. There are

✅ After NHU Bretagne, here is NHU Brittany

NHU Brittany is the result of a very simple observation. From Nantes to Brest, Brittany does not yet have a truly international media to express itself on all the subjects

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