✅ Le 17 Mars, Fête internationale de la Saint Patrick et de l’Irlande

Naomh Pàdraig ou Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick est l’évangélisateur chrétien d’une Irlande alors tournée vers nos croyances polythéistes celtiques. Il se serait servi d’un trèfle pour expliquer le concept de

✅ #Brezhoneg20Euros : Please, sign this petition

Save the Breton language, part of Humanity’s heritage with the Brittany region. NHU Brittany has launched this petition sent to Mr. Loïg Chesnais-Girard (President of the Brittany Region) Today, the

✅ Atlantic Ocean and Celtic Sea are getting warmer

And unfortunately not only the Atlantic Ocean and the Celtic Sea. An ICCES (International Center for Climate and Environment Sciences) study told us the news. The year 2019 has been

✅ Railways in Brittany and Wales, or the scandal of French centralism.

Welsh and Breton railways: autonomy over there and theft over here! In Wales, with which the Brittany region has had a cooperation agreement since 2004, the whole rail network and

✅ « Crêpes » in Brittany are like pizzas in Italy : discover the recipe !

From Candlemas to Mardi-Gras: crêpes!!! The end of winter is celebrated in many countries by making pancakes, crepes and other blinis, all of them a symbol of the returning sun.

✅ Les indépendantistes catalans majoritaires au Parlement de Catalogne

51%, majorité absolue des voix et des sièges pour les indépendantistes catalans. Le peuple catalan plus déterminé que jamais En accordant 51% des suffrages aux partis indépendantistes catalans, pour la

✅ Yes Breizh, or a quiet chat about independence for Brittany

YesScotland, YesCymru, YesKernow and Yes Breizh: the Celtic Yes movements YesScotland in … Scotland. Let’s pay tribute to the oldest and most structured Yes movement in all the Celtic countries.

✅ The .bzh domain extension for Brittany

Bzh domain extension (.bzh) is vital for visibility of Brittany on the internet. We, breton people and breton economy, needed this .bzh. In 2020 there are more than 360 millions

✅ Brittany in 4 figures: surface area, population, GDP and coastline

Brittany in 4 figures What is the surface area of Brittany? First of all, Brittany has an easily-recognisable shape. It’s a peninsula at the start of Europe, when you arrive

✅ Celtic languages in Europe: three Brittonic languages and … 2/2

The Celtic languages in Europe are also Brittonic. Welsh (Cymraeg) is the Celtic language which is spoken the most today. Over 700 000 people speak it, mainly in Wales, of