✅ Yes Breizh, or a quiet chat about independence for Brittany

YesScotland, YesCymru, YesKernow and Yes Breizh: the Celtic Yes movements YesScotland in … Scotland. Let’s pay tribute to the oldest and most structured Yes movement in all the Celtic countries.

✅ The .bzh domain extension for Brittany

Bzh domain extension (.bzh) is vital for visibility of Brittany on the internet. We, breton people and breton economy, needed this .bzh. In 2020 there are more than 360 millions

✅ Brittany in 4 figures: surface area, population, GDP and coastline

Brittany in 4 figures What is the surface area of Brittany? First of all, Brittany has an easily-recognisable shape. It’s a peninsula at the start of Europe, when you arrive

✅ Celtic languages in Europe: three Brittonic languages and … 2/2

The Celtic languages in Europe are also Brittonic. Welsh (Cymraeg) is the Celtic language which is spoken the most today. Over 700 000 people speak it, mainly in Wales, of

✅ Corse, Bretagne : le scénario catalan

Le scénario catalan en Corse ? La fin d’année politique est mouvementée en Corse. Depuis la victoire historique des nationalistes en 2015, l’État français ne laisse pas le choix démocratique

✅ The European Union’s inaction toward Catalonia leaves minorities unprotected

The European Union’s inaction … When we look at Stateless Nations in Europe, we observe a strong change due to the Catalan referendum. Many peoples of Europe look at the

✅ La Collectivité Européenne d’Alsace

Collectivité Européenne d’Alsace. En 2015, la région administrative Alsace fut dissoute dans la nouvelle région administrative sans personnalité Grand Est. Déjà, un référendum avait essayé en 2013 de fusionner les

✅ En Corse, quels choix nous restera t-il ?

Quels choix nous restera-t-il ? L’Assemblée de Corse a retenti lors de sa dernière session d’une protestation indignée, tous bancs confondus, contre l’attitude de l’État vis-à-vis de la Corse, dans

✅ The breton flag emoji for Brittany : Unicode says no ! Why?

Unicode postpones arrival of breton flag EmojiBZH on our smartphones: Discrimination? The incomprehensible bad news has just been published: Unicode consortium has just refused the emoticon « Gwenn Ha Du

✅ Croke Park and the Bloody Sunday in Dublin

Croke Park in Dublin. The graphic novel Croke Park which I created with the cartoonist Richard Guérineau came out on September 30 and was published by the Delcourt publishing house