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My first name is Yvon and my family name is Bordiec. I was born in Quimper (Brittany) in 1952. My parents were from south west part of breton Cornwall called Glazig country I was brought up in Paris area where I studied in primary and secondary school (Lycée Albert Camus) then in enginiering school in Paris (ISEP) and DEA at Jussieu university. I am also graduated from Rennes university with a degree in management ( 'DESS). I can speak French, English, Breton and Thai (intermediate level) . I am married and I have got three daughters all of them being bilingual French/Breton I have militated in favour of Diwan schools during ten years and in favour of bilingual public schools during thirteen years. My career in telecommunication field was essentially in Brittany first in Nantes then in Lannion.

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