Brittany News, the new breton media

Brittany News, the new breton media

June 30th Launch of and call for support

Until today, Brittany did not have an international media source for English speakers on the subject of what is happening in Brittany and what matters to Breton people. And this despite the fact that Breton ex-pats and Brittany fans are scattered all over the world.

We, Philippe ARGOUARCH, Charles KERGARAVAT, Jacques-Yves LE TOUZE and Remy PENNEG, would like to fill this gap.  We are therefore addressing this appeal to everyone who loves Brittany to join us in launching.

Brittany news will be a pure player (internet only) media for all things Breton.

Past, present and future, covering all subjects from economics, agro-business, environment, culture, sports, politics, History, tourism and including current issues of daily life in the peninsula within the five administrative departments.

We are looking for English language local press correspondents, citizen reporters or journalists as well as persons willing to help in designing, coding, translating articles from French or Breton to English and proof reading the web site.  French or Breton language persons are welcome to contribute photos or movies.


We are all potential citizen reporters !


Join us and please contact us on  or

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Rémy PENNEG 257 articles

"Essayer ou ne rien faire". Quand on aime la Bretagne corps et âme, à un moment, il faut essayer d'agir et de créer pour participer, même très modestement, à son rayonnement et à son avenir. Avec l'aide avisée d'une poignée de volontaires, nous créons NHU Bretagne.

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Comment bien rédiger son article dans nos colonnes ?

Chacun d’entre nous peut rédiger son article dans les colonnes de NHU Bretagne, votre média participatif breton et citoyen. Le thème WordPress qui a été choisi par la Rédaction de

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