✅ Scotland and Brittany : independence

✅ Scotland and Brittany : independence

Scotland and Brittany: independence is becoming an increasingly credible prospect.

Scotland and Brittany: independence down the road!

At the start of September, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, unveiled her government’s programme for autumn 2020.
While Scotland is still currently dependent on the British crown, it is no less a nation in its own right. Nicola Sturgeon has not wavered from this certainty.
On the September 1st, she announced that she wanted to use the 2021 elections to define both a question and a timetable for a new referendum on Scottish emancipation. In anticipation of the news, over the last few months Boris Johnson has stated that he is strongly opposed to a new referendum on Scottish self-determination.
Since the start of 2020, the various opinion polls published have been in favour of independence. In addition, 55% of people say they will be voting SNP (Scottish National Party) at the elections next year.

The prospect of a new pro-independence majority in the Scottish parliament is becoming clearer.

Interestingly, these are not just pro-independence voters who are already used to marking their cross next to the SNP Scottish National Party. We are even finding people who voted No during the last referendum in 2014.
The situation is becoming more and more urgent for the Scots who no longer feel represented by the policy led by London. Great Britain is in a war of “politicians”. Boris Johnson’s pride and his repetitive attacks on the British political system have fanned the flames of Scottish independence. If the legal referendum route turns out to be a dead end, there is a strong possibility that we could see a situation similar to that of Catalonia’s in 2017 after it held an “unconstitutional” referendum.
Demands for independence are being heard wherever people feel crushed by the State on which they depend. Wales, Ireland, Catalonia and Kurdistan all seem to share a common political destiny.

In Brittany too, these ideas have the wind in their sails.

Just like in Scotland, the coronavirus pandemic has revealed to many people the need to be able to make decisions at a local level. Also like in Scotland, Brittany has the resources to be independent, whether economic, political or cultural. Just like Scotland, Brittany is marking out its path towards independence. Initiatives for the right to make decisions locally are increasing. More and more young people are interested in Breton languages. And the upsurge in holiday homes is exercising public opinion on territorial development within the French system.

Scotland and Brittany: will be able to use a referendum to get us out of our debilitating positions?

Or will we have to imagine, create and produce our own tools for the Breton and Scottish nations to be able to flourish at last for future generations?
Over there just like here, independence is becoming the most credible and effective option to meet all these expectations and many more still.

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