Bodlore: The EU's inaction toward Catalonia leaves minorities unprotected from Coppieters Foundation on Vimeo.

✅ The European Union’s inaction toward Catalonia leaves minorities unprotected

The European Union’s inaction …

When we look at Stateless Nations in Europe, we observe a strong change due to the Catalan referendum. Many peoples of Europe look at the European Union in a different way. Specially the link within the European Union and the rights of Stateless Nations. We have legislation that protects Stateless Nations and their languages. E.g. The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. But we find that these laws do not, in fact, help or resolve the issue. Because the European Union position, as well as Member States, when Catalonia whished to organise a self-determination referendum, took a very conservative position.
Scotts, Welsh, Galicians, Bretons and Frisians have today more doubts on whether the European Union can actually address their needs and protect their rights.

By Coppieters Foundation – Mikael BODLORE-PENNLAEZ, Brittany, author ot the Atlas of Stateless Nations in Europe.

A Coruña, Galiza, 7 July 2018


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european union’s inaction

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