✅ After NHU Bretagne, here is NHU Brittany

✅ After NHU Bretagne, here is NHU Brittany

NHU Brittany is the result of a very simple observation.

From Nantes to Brest, Brittany does not yet have a truly international media to express itself on all the subjects of its daily life and tell the English-speaking world its aspirations.
After the French-speaking NHU Bretagne, we are now launching the English-speaking NHU Brittany.

NHU Brittany wants to become the benchmark English-speaking Breton media to tell the world what our Brittany is. Where she comes from (we have a History), where she is and towards what future she wishes to lead the generations to come.

What is NHU?

The acronym NHU stands for Ni Hon-Unan. These Breton words translate into English as Ourselves.
NHU Brittany was imagined in 2015 by a few Britons to present their country, their region, in a different way from what is usually written in the media. Too often have the French central state and its affiliated media presented Brittany from an unusual, folkloric, caricatural angle…
Thus, for five years, the website www.nhu.bzh and all of its social networks have been almost exclusively in French.

NHU in figures.

We will soon be nearly 200 citizens to write, more or less regularly, in the columns of the most important Breton participatory internet media, citizen and independent.
Already more than 1000 articles published. The most viewed article of amongst them was read by nearly 235,000 people.
Furthermore, over 12,000 people follow the Facebook page, soon 4,400 on Twitter. Not to mention Instagram and NhuTube.
We are therefore going to set this « machine » in the service of Brittany to the rest of the world.

A call to citizens.

To anyone who loves Brittany and wishes to tell the world… in English.
We are first looking for volunteers who are perfectly bilingual French-English or English-French.
We will discuss the topics that are typical in our daily life in Brittany, AND that are likely to interest the English-speaking world. In the economy, industry and agriculture. As well as maritime, culture, heritage and tourism. Or politics and digital, transport and mobility. Then History, sports, finances, start-ups and youth. Finally health and food, the environment and biodiversity, etc …
Our ambition is initially modest: one to two articles per week. On the visibility of these first articles and their virality on social networks will depend that which follows.

New articles for example.

– What is this (dot)bzh?
– Brittany in figures: area, population, GDP, maps …
– Brittany in the Celtic world: History, languages ​​…
– Why not a Celtic EU: Celtic Economic Union?
– Nos entreprises à l’export : Brittany Ferries, Olmix
Produit en Bretagne : initiative unique en Europe, un exemple …
and so many others …

In short, anyone of good will is welcome.

Should you be interested, contact us without further ado: redaction@nhu.bzh

Let us tell the rest of the world, in English, what is going on in Brittany, and often what others do not want to say.
We have so much to tell them …

The articles will have to be written directly in English or translated into English from articles already existing in French in the French-speaking columns of NHU Bretagne… or elsewhere!
Regarding the content, the essential question is the following: can this content be of interest to an English-speaking Scottish, Canadian, Irish and Welsh, Australian, etc … Reader who, at worst, ignores the very existence of Brittany.

If you wish to sign your article in English, we will organize a signature for you (picture, very short biography and optionally links to your website / personal blog and social networks).
For an English translation of an article from another language, both identities will appear at the end of the article and the article will be signed by the Author of the original article.


Join us now >> redaction@nhu.bzh


NHU Brittany

NHU Brittany, join us


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NHU Brittany To explain to English speakers around the world what our Brittany is. You are perfectly bilingual French-English or English-French, join us, to write new articles and / or to translate articles already published in French on NHU Bretagne, the French version of NHU.

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